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Plan Highlights

What are the plan benefits?

Who is eligible?

How do I apply?

When is coverage effective and for how long?

What are the plan limitations and exclusions?


Who is eligible?  

Anyone under age 65, plus spouses under age 65 and dependent children under age 19 are eligible as long as each
person to be insured:

  • is a U.S. citizen (or foreign resident living in the United States with at least two (2) years of U.S. residency);
  • does not have other medical insurance coverage in force; and
  • can answer “no” to all the medical questions on the application.

Dependents age 19 and older must be written under their own separate coverage.

For Child Only coverage: Coverage is available for dependent children 6 months and older only. To apply online, check the box that says "Applying For Child Only Coverage" on the Get A Quote page. When enrolling, select "Child Only Coverage". Complete the Yes/No questions on behalf of the child/children applying.